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Growth Capital

Growth Capital

The single most common obstacle cited by entrepreneurs is the financing of their start-up. We help our portfolio companies solve this by being an angel investment partner with a powerful co-investor network. So the founders can get back to doing what they do best… improving the world!

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Advisory Services

We provide the skills and experience to help entrepreneurs and companies reach their peak potential. From business model refinement through to realizing scale, we leverage proven techniques to drive optimal outcomes.

Following proof of product-market fit and customer validation, it is time to apply proven scaling methodology. Done right, companies excel at what is likely the most critical time in their history thus far. Achieving scale is when the rubber hits the road, and our advisory team is there to make sure success well-planned, and well-achieved.

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Advisory Services

Technology Enablement

Unlike most other capital firms, within our group of companies resides one of Canada’s leading information technology infrastructure solutions and services firms. Combined with the power of our advisors who offer contract CIO and COO assistance to startups, we ensure the supporting business technology is there to help our start-ups excel!

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Technology Enablement

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